About me and my projects

My name is Lasse Numminen. I was born in 1986 and have been hobbyist game programmer since roughly about 10 year old, and started doing that professionally inĀ  2014. I have gathered here some stuff I have done during the past years. Some of the stuff is probably not related to games. But hey, I still have made all those things!

You can find my social media contact information from the bottom of every page.

Publicly known projects I’ve been involved with

Transit King by BON Games

Project Website

A mobile tycoon game trying to re-create the oldschool transport tycoon vibes in more casual way. My responsibilities included prototyping, optimization, shaders, physics, data structure design, game mechanics programming.


Project website

A finnish social media portal for companies internal and external co-operation communications.


Project website

A website to collect images from automatic trail/game cameras using mobile data uploads. The website is able to accept raw data from the camera’s GSM data stream.

My personal projects

Game engine(s)

ZapHat and HatZap

The plan was to create an OpenGL 4.5 Game engine with C#. In theory it’s still on-going but I haven’t touched it in a while. I’m somewhat more interested in Vulkan right now but haven’t yet got any plans to port the engine to Vulkan.

Lab bench power supply

I’m currently working on an open-source lab bench power supply for electronics hobby projects. I haven’t released anything about it yet, but the plan is to publish all the schematics and PCB plans at some point. Specs are probably going to be around 0-32V 5-8A with dual outputs or something. Also can be controlled through USB with a PC.

Other smaller open-source projects

You can find all my public open-source projects in GitHub.

Articles and text in other media

Fun random facts about me

  • I have gone to Assembly Summer computer festival for 14 years in a row.
  • I have never smoked a single cigarette or used drugs. Most hardcore stuff I’ve used are coffee and alcohol.
  • I like music that most people find awful and I like to play it for others as a DJ.
  • My digital book library at the time of writing this has 107 books. Topics include programming, game development, linux, security (ethical/black hat hacking), electronics, math, quantum physics, philosophy, project management and little bit of fiction.

Work experience

Software Engineer at Reforged Studios

2018 – Current

At Reforged so far I’ve been responsible for prototyping, UI programming, game programming, game mechanics implementation.

Lead Programmer, Co-founder at BON Games

2017 – 2018

BON Games is a mobile game studio spinoff from Reborn Interactive. My responsibilities included developing Transit King, Unity, Prototyping, Game Mechanics, Shaders, Optimization, Data Structures, Physics, Back-end code, Front-end code, UI.

Lead Game programmer at Reborn Interactive

2014 – 2017

I made game prototypes, handled Unity problems and designed some shaders. None of the projects I worked with got published. Transit King though was prototyped that was later released under BON Games.

Founder / CEO at Lasoft Oy

2010 – 2014

I founded and ran a small software company that created web-based applications for multiple clients.

System Specialist at Nethit Oy

2008 – 2010

I installed POS software for clients along with an e-commerce plugin. My responsibility also included training the clients to use the software and to do problem solving for them over the phone when required.

My PC specs

Because hey, I need to do some work from home at some point. That’s a good enough excuse to have a good PC at home for me. Oh and also gaming but I don’t use that argument when I’m justifying the expenses to my GF.

Processor: Intel i7-7820X (Skylake-X) 8 core 16 thread @ 4.5 GHz watercooled
GPU: Asus ROG STRIX Geforce GTX 1080 Ti
Mobo: Asus X299 TUF Mk1
Memory: 32GB DDR4 @ 3200MHz 14-14-14-34-2N
SSD: 1TB Samsung 960 EVO NVMe
OS: Arch Linux with GNOME 3 DE
Used software: firefox, git, spotify, slack, discord, steam, VSCode, Unity (5.4 and 2017.3), nextcloud, KiCAD